Architectural Style & Design Philosophy

A classicist with an artist’s vision, Carter Skinner ultimately derives his inspiration from the daily lives of his clients. Whether designing a coastal home, country estate, city home or historic home renovation, Carter pairs his architectural design expertise with the preferences of his clients to design a home that will truly enhance their lives.

With this adaptable design philosophy, Carter has employed architectural styles as wide ranging as neo-contemporary, neo-classicist, French, Georgian, Italian and English.

Your home, artfully designed for the way you live

Carter’s artistry includes close attention to proportion, scale and rhythm. With a belief that the finest details can make the strongest impact, Carter’s architectural philosophy emphasizes appropriate use of detail according to design style.

Some of his plan drawings are done by hand and are a work of art themselves. As a tactile person, Carter knows there’s no better way to create a livable home design than to draw it out by hand, carefully considering how each space will adapt with the lives of those who’ve inspired it.

Using your home’s natural surroundings to full advantage

Known for transforming even the most difficult spaces, Carter enjoys the challenge of a restrictive site. With his skilled eye, a problematic lot soon becomes a coveted design feature, adding character to the home, opening up new architectural possibilities and creating a unique relationship between the house and its natural surroundings.